Holding Hands


Transform your life

In a previous life I used to offer Performance Coaching for individuals or company employees where we set goals and objectives and set plans for boosting performance in a very specific, measurable way. What I came to understand is that some people who are ‘towards pain’ folks are easier to motivate as they will do whatever they need to avoid pain. Others (most people actually) are ‘away from pain’ types of individuals and will avoid doing whatever they need until they eventually feel the pain. Transformational Coaching suits both approaches however is less rigid and more about finding the happier you rather than performing to a set framework.

Within the over-arching term ‘Transformational Coaching’ this is a dynamic heading for a raft of resources which will be engaged with. Rather than a rigid frame work, I actively listen and drill down to what’s bugging the client and there will be self led diagnostics deployed for those who just are not sure why they feel the way they do. Clients are guided through to a root cause to a more calm and safe space to the best version of themselves with me supporting them.

Tools include Neuro-Linguistics and the Myers Briggs Typology Inventory, Values quiz and some communication styles to gain full self awareness. Once fully self aware, re frames, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tips for Engaging Relationships, Therapeutic Breathing, Self Compassion and Empathy, Hypnotherapy even and Timeline Therapy (where one safely fixes the historical negativity) help neutralize the root cause (fear, anxiety, anger, grief, some trauma, self limiting beliefs, low self esteem or confidence) so we can move forward enjoying that transformed state to that new version of yourself. For some clients we also offer specific healing of the Inner Child. This is self nurturing and healing (for the child within us) through specific induction scripts of Hypnotherapy made individually to suit each soul. 

You will be given quiz exercises to do (there are no wrong answers, just insights) with the results reviewed together in a constructive way we can adapt and tweak your inner resources to support you which are all inside of your mind – they may need fixing or completely re-installing however the capacity is always within you. Over 3 weeks and then 3 months it will be a non linear improvement so sometimes you may feel something has come to the surface and that will be dealt with via the tools of re-frame, Transactional Analysis (communication styles) and Timeline Therapy (fixes for most negative feelings). We have a granular approach to self improvement and some find change is instantaneous, where others benefit from marginal gains in terms of emotional growth. Assertiveness skills can be a spring board extra add on when folks are feeling more confident.

You will be given resources and quiz results will be yours to keep. You may get some specific audio recordings for home use which are sent to download. These sessions are all performed on Zoom and is a great Coaching medium and I share slides which can impact immediately on your self awareness so much it can trigger a paradigm shift immediately. We meet for 2 hourly sessions of 3 consecutive weeks and you will be given email prompts along the way as well as some fun homework to try out on family and friends if you wish!  At 3 months we have a one off follow up of 2 hours to tweak anything you need to fully transform your state and then 2 hour top ups are optional for up to 1 year as life happens and you have real time material to work with and respond in your new way.