Holding Hands


In a previous life I used to offer Performance Coaching for individuals or company employees where we set goals and objectives and set plans for boosting performance in a very specific, measurable way.  What I came to understand is that some people who are ‘towards pain’ folks are easier to motivate as they will do whatever they need to avoid pain.  Others (most people actually) are ‘away from pain’ types of individuals and will avoid doing whatever they need until they eventually feel the pain.  Transformational Coaching suits both approaches however is less rigid and more about finding the happier you rather than performing to a set framework.


We have two parts to our thinking.  We have our Conscious Mind, which makes up a tiny 10% of our overall thinking processes. The Subconscious Mind is responsible for 90% of our thinking and is a dominant and powerful part of our brains. It can support you to have helpful habits and ways of thinking, feeling and behaving – or it can be the opposite unless supported to change. It is uniquely developed to protect so we must re-adjust this reaction to harmless situations so confidence grows and change happens.  And repeat until a positive habit is the new habit.

Image by Nick Morrison
Image by Caleb George


With years of experience, I’ve slowly begun incorporating different strategies into my practice as a professional Life Coach. Using a varied toolbox of techniques, we can map your needs to come up with a program that works for you.