Image by Nick Morrison


Unlocking subconscious superpower

We have two parts to our thinking.  We have our Conscious Mind, which makes up a tiny 10% of our overall thinking processes. The Subconscious Mind is responsible for 90% of our thinking and is a dominant and powerful part of our brains. It can support you to have helpful habits and ways of thinking, feeling and behaving – or it can be the opposite unless supported to change. It is uniquely developed to protect so we must re-adjust this reaction to harmless situations so confidence grows and change happens.  And repeat until a positive habit is the new habit.

I will assist you in shifting negative thoughts into something so much more liberating, empowering which will help you access the best version of yourself.  This is not Stage Hypnosis, this is using Hypnotic language to relax the mind so that it is open to positive suggestion.  Habits occur when one feeds the subconscious.  Feed it negative thoughts and one will have negative feelings and behaviour.  By engaging with my skills, you will shift to a more resourceful state. 

You will be given resources, specific audio recordings for home use which are sent to download.  We may have ‘Live Hypnotherapy sessions’ too as we can still achieve great results on the medium of Zoom.  We meet for 2 hourly sessions over 3 consecutive weeks and you will be given between 4-8 (on average) recordings to support you over 3 months.  I check in on email to see how you are doing.  At 3 months we have a 2 hour, one off follow up and tweak anything you need to optimise your general well-being.