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Ali Arrowsmith: How I Began and Where I’m Headed

I set up Thought-Org 13 years ago and after years of full time work, I decided to step back for family reasons 18 months ago.  However during the middle of this Pandemic, I was inundated with interest for Coaching.  After some re-design of services,  I recently re-branded, re-trained, re-insured and I'm back! 

In my previous life I was a Specialist Nurse and also I spent time in Industry as an Account Manager.  Whilst in this role I became interested in what makes folks tick, why are some people are adept at flexing around challenging situations in life and seem to have an inbuilt resilience where others struggle.  Fortunately I was lucky to spend time training to become a Qualified Coach and Hypnotherapist, with lots of other skills and tools added on over the years.  I used to present large meetings and deliver motivational talks for companies however what I truly enjoy is the one to one coaching which helps individuals. 

At heart I love helping others, I believe that is what we are here to do - to share knowledge, keep learning, take the happy and the challenge equally in our stride with integrity, and remain grounded, honest with ourselves -  whilst feeling we can change and flex throughout our lives. Therefore the service now is committed to helping folks shift from un-resourceful to resourceful states for life  through a coaching programme designed individually to meet each person's specific needs.