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Transformational Coaching is about POSITIVE CHANGE & SUSTAINABLE RESULTS; assisting you in shifting from a less resourceful state to an empowered one. Courses are flexible & accessible from the comfort of your home online with input from your coach, Ali.



Transformational Coaching is all about POSITIVE CHANGE And SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.

My role as a coach is to assist a client whilst they shift from a less resourceful state to a more empowered one. Skills which bring out the resilient and confident version of the individual are shared. Whether it be banishing Self Limiting Beliefs, changing unhelpful habits or becoming more confidently authentic – I am here to ‘hold the space’ and will hand over some extraordinary tools to reach the best version of oneself.

Positive change can be instantaneous and transformational or can start with smaller steps so a person can feel they are coping better with life and able to navigate challenge in a more useful way. Whichever route works best for each individual, every bespoke course of coaching leads to positive results and outcomes.

The courses I run are all very accessible from the comfort of your own home and are held on Zoom with me as your Coach. This medium is remarkably successful for coaching, is flexible and gives us all a better carbon footprint.

I look forward to meeting you soon, Ali. 

Welcome to Thought-Org...

Welcome to Thought-Org...

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Middle Aged Woman

"Ali has a brilliantly inspiring and forward thinking approach to her coaching. Very dedicated to her craft and those she works with. Have been very impressed by the flexible and adaptive way Transformational Coaching fits different peoples' way of working through a process."

Becky S.


"Alison offered a fantastic treatment plan and 1 to 1 sessions. I was in an impossible situation and needed someone to help me. I was assessed and then treated for PTSD. She took me from the brink to a manageable place."

Bill W.

Senior Man

"I would highly recommend Thought-Org.The tools and support Ali gives you really improve all aspects of your life. With a broad selection of techniques that are so insightful, anyone would benefit! It really is the best investment you could make in 2022"

Michael G.



Based in Amble, Northumberland. UK

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