Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is a debilitating, chronic functional condition of the lower Gastro-intestinal tract which involves bloating, abdominal pain or discomfort and alternating bowel habit (diarrhoea, and constipation). 

In the UK, the definition of IBS is described as recurrent abdominal pain on more than six occasions during the previous year plus two or more of a diagnostic tool. It estimated prevalence in the UK to be 17% overall, with a prevalence of 23% among women and 11% among men.

The main benefit of our hypnotherapy for IBS is to empower our clients to make the link between anxiety and biofeedback* and how the body reacts to stress. Our therapist will support the client to take one’s own overdeveloped fight and flight instinct and re-install a preferred and more beneficial coping method. Clinics for clients are held in Saville Therapies Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne and Amble, Northumberland.

Clients receive a full package of support including an overview of their current holistic health, their own and new coping strategies, life-style adaptations to consider and a plan for improved wellness including a bespoke plan of therapy ideal for their individual condition.

* Biofeedback: The effect the conscious mind has on the nervous system and bodily functions - ThoughtOrg 07/2011 

Most useful for:
• Clients with IBS continuing after 12 months regardless of conventional pharmacological treatment, Hypnotherapy is a proven adjunct therapy beneficial to your current GP or Consultant led care.
• Where time off sick (due to IBS) has begun to impact on your studies, work or/and personal life.

Visit the IBS register: www.ibsregister.com

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